First Time Buyer Financing

Becoming a successful owner-operator means more than working hard – it means working smart. So we’ve designed a finance option that can make running your truck a whole lot easier.

Our first time buyer financing option was created especially for owner-operators. A set of valuable business building tools is yours when you buy a qualifying used truck. Simply select one of the top-notch eligible trucks. Then you qualify for a long list of bonus extras - everything from enhanced warranties to roadside assistance.

Here's what's included:

  • Just $1000 down and low monthly payments
  • Financing terms that let you own your truck faster
  • Enhanced warranty including limited warranty coverage on the alternator, starter and batteries
  • Blanket GAP insurance to cover your investment in the event of a major loss
  • Roadside Select Roadside Assistance

For more information about first time buyer financing, talk to your SelecTrucks of Michigan representative.