Classic/Classic XL Trucks

It’s plain to see why used Classic / Classic XL trucks rank as some of the most popular among owner-operators and fleets. Up front, these trucks house the capacity for the biggest engines on the road.

Those massive power plants mean these used trucks also boast the biggest hoods on the highway. Inside, a wraparound dash and a full set of standard and optional gauges gives you total command of the incredible power at your control. Wide, comfortable seats and spacious interiors make long miles fly by and engineering advancements make the Classic and Classic XL true favorites in the used truck world.

Design and Performance

Used Freightliner Classic / Classic XL Trucks - Design & Performance
  • The distinctive look of the Classic and Classic XL features a bold, long-nosed hood, large chrome bumper and grille surround, dual exhaust stacks and outboard cowl mounted air cleaners
  • Underneath the traditional squared-up chrome bumper and grille lays advanced technology designed to deliver increased payloads, increased fuel economy and improved handling
  • The Equiflo Fuel System improves fuel efficiency and weight distribution
  • 1,200 square inch radiator improves engine efficiency
  • The leaf-and-a-half front spring suspension smooths out the bumps in the road

Cab Comfort

Used Freightliner Classic / Classic XL Trucks - Cab Comfort
  • An ergonomically designed wrap-around dash puts controls at the driver’s fingertips. The instrument panel gauges are easy to read.
  • The wide, spacious driving environment allows plenty of room to stretch, with easy access to the sleeper
  • The cabinets, handholds and steps are strategically placed to maximize space and provide safe movement around the cab interior and sleeper
  • A powerful climate control system keeps cab temperature constant to provide comfort in extreme weather conditions
  • Drivers have a wide open view from behind the steering wheel


Used Freightliner Classic / Classic XL Trucks - Serviceability
  • ServicePro®, Freightliner's revolutionary computer system puts technical information at the fingertips of Service Technicians who support Freightliner vehicles: vehicle service history, service bulletins, manuals and documentation, routines to quickly diagnose problems, parts ordering, repair procedures, warranty claim capabilities, and more
  • A tilt hood allows easy access to the engine for routine service
  • See-through fluid reservoirs allow instant checking of fluid levels
  • Rubber spring pin bushings are maintenance-free