Business Class Commercial Trucks

Taskmasters of the Truck World.

Narrow streets and alleyways. Cramped loading bays. Cross-town traffic.

Commercial and medium-duty trucks have their work cut out for them — and at SelecTrucks of Michigan, we’ll show you how used Freightliner Business Class FL series trucks get the job done. With a set-back front axle and 50-degree wheel cut for tight turns, plus a large windshield for excellent visibility, Business Class trucks are built to negotiate the urban landscape. Inside the cab, these workhorses meet your needs with comfortable, supportive seats, ample elbowroom and convenient entry and exit. To learn more about Freightliner Business Class trucks, visit SelecTrucks of Michigan. Or view our inventory now.

Design and Performance

Used Commercial Trucks - Design & Performance
  • Set-back front axle with 50-degree wheel cut, sloped hood and swept-back bumper and fenders add up to exceptional maneuverability and control
  • Rugged solid steel framework
  • 1,750-square-inch windshield for exceptional visibility

Cab Comfort

Used Commercial Trucks - Cab Comfort
  • Spacious interior with six-and-a-half feet of side-to-side shoulder room and no engine tunnel for even more room and less noise
  • Large-face dash gauges, grouped intelligently and positioned for quick, easy monitoring
  • 18-inch two-spoke wheel for easy steering


Used Commercial Trucks - Serviceability
  • Complete engine assembly is housed forward of the firewall for wide-open access to critical maintenance points and simple routine inspection
  • Freightliner ServicePro® computer system communicates complete vehicle technical information to service technicians who support Freightliner


Used Commercial Trucks - Safety
  • Meritor WABCO® anti-lock braking for both air drum and hydraulic disc brakes ensures all-surface performance
  • Slip-resistant steps and interior grab handles for easy entry and exit
  • Exceptional visibility with two-speed, wet arm wipers that cover almost 70% of the windshield and dual “West Coast” style mirrors

Learn more about the Business Class FL Series’ complete features and benefits. Download the brochure.