Preparation Process

At SelecTrucks of Michigan, our used trucks stand head and shoulders above the competition.

No other used truck dealer cares for their used trucks the way we do. Upon first glance, its easy to see that SelecTrucks of Michigan's used trucks are well cared for. We understand the importance of having a clean used truck. We are helping to create and maintain the great image you desire. SelecTrucks of Michigan understands the importance of making sure your used truck is safe, clean, and road ready. All of our used trucks receive the following:

  • A Rigorous 148 pt. Inspection
  • DOT Inspection
  • Test Drive Inspection
  • Oil Change
  • Complete Fluids Change (with purchase of warranty)
  • Complete Interior Detailing
  • Complete Exterior Detailing
  • Aluminum Polishing
  • Electrical Inspection
  • New Paint (as needed)
  • Complete Trim Kits
  • New Mattresses
We do what others won’t when it comes to getting your used truck ready. SelecTrucks of Michigan takes pride in putting the very best quality used truck on the road. We are never second best when it comes to the safety and overall appearance of our used trucks. We prepare and care for our trucks in a manner that is plain to see. We strive to be the benchmark for quality used trucks. One look and you will agree, these used trucks are unique.

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